Anti–Aging & Regenerative Medicine and Gastroenterology
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Office Policies

Telephone and Email Consultations:

It is imperative that signs, symptoms and treatment plans be evaluated and communicated in person. Therefore, telephone and email consultations are not available.


Please contact your primary care physician or local emergency room with all urgent matters.


While there are no designated spaces for the practice, it is generally very easy to find a metered space on the street in Wellesley near 555 Washington Street (the building with the bridal shop).

You can find metered parking for 2-4 hours:

  • On the street in front and around our office building                                                                             
  • In front of the post office roundabout
  • In the commuter lot between Peet’s coffee and the post office
  • In the parking lot (corner of Washington St and Cameron St) just diagonally across the street from our building. It allows 2hr, 4hr and all-day parking.

We recommend downloading the “passport parking app” onto your smart phone prior to your appointment to make parking easier.  Alternatively, the meters will take quarters.


Ahn Point Wellness does not accept or contract with any health insurance plans. It is your responsibility to pay in full at the time services are rendered.  We are able to accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), checks or cash.


The Fee for a 90-minute initial consultation is $700.00 (A $350.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS COLLECTED AT THE TIME OF BOOKING) and includes a complete history, focused physical exam, and an extensive nutrition and exercise consultation, as well as an individualized treatment plan for your specific medical needs. The fee for a one-hour follow up is $500.00. All fees for follow-up patient consults are based on hourly rate.

Fees are subject to change

Initial MD Consultation (approx. 90 min)

Extended MD office visit or phone consultation (approx. 60 min)     

Full MD office visit or phone consultation (approx. 45 min) 

Partial MD office visit or phone consultation (approx. 30 min)

Telephone Lab Review

Cancellation Policy:

A great deal of time is dedicated to each patient encounter and to the evaluation of test results. Thus, 90 minutes of professional time has been set-aside for your initial visit and 60 minutes for your follow-up visit. You must notify the office at 781-237-1600 at least 48 BUSINESS hours prior to your visit and send an email requesting cancellation and reschedule to Failure to notify us in a timely fashion impacts our ability to care for the patients in our practice. Please be aware that your credit card will be billed for your scheduled visit for failure to comply with our policies. Insurance does not cover such fees. This is the responsibility of the patient and all cancellation fees must be paid before any other appointments can be scheduled.

We are passionate and committed to helping you prevent disease and achieve optimal health and wellness.