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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ahn and her staff are amazing! I haven’t been feeling like myself over the past few years, and wasn’t getting answers from other doctor visits. I knew it was time to invest in my health, so I did my research and found Ahn Point Wellness. Dr. Ahn’s approach to wellness is exactly what I wanted. She does a thorough and compressive series of tests in order to get a complete overview of your health. At the follow up appointment she spends time explaining the test results and walks you through options and recommendations that address your personal needs. It’s been a month since my follow up and I’m starting to feel like my old self again. I highly recommend Ahn Point Wellness!!!” ~anonymous patient

“My evaluation appointment with Dr. Ahn was such a relief and a pleasant surprise compared to previous experiences with doctors. Most importantly, I felt listened to as a patient. I felt like she was really taking the time to do an extremely thorough and thoughtful exam and I really appreciated her patience with questions and concerns.” ~Christy C.

“Dr. Ahn is an unmatched, excellent gastroenterologist, she has a vast clinical experience and depth of knowledge which fortify her clinical ability.
I am a retired physician and as such highly endorse her ability in gastrointestinal disorders as I found when she treated me.
I am pleased to support her superb medical abilities.” ~Earle B. Weiss, M.D.

“Thanks very much for discussing the path results and treatment plan with me.  And thank you for your expertise in making efficient and unequivocal diagnoses of esophagitis and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, issues which I can now address.  I feel better physically now than at any point since my retirement 3 years ago, thanks to you!” ~KRK

“I met with Dr. Ahn virtually in October of 2020 to discuss my experience with menopause and how to best protect my body in the future. I had thought about using hormone therapy but wasn’t quite sure it was for me. Dr. Ahn explained the many benefits of HRT not only to alleviate menopausal symptoms, but to preserve my brain, organs, and bones as I continue to age. She did extensive blood work to determine my hormone levels, micronutrients, as well as an in-depth review of my cholesterol. She then prescribed a combination of HRT and supplements to boost my health and wealth being, while also taking into consideration my lifestyle and not wanting to wake up and take 20 pills every day! Dr. Ahn practices a unique approach to women’s health whereby she spends a lot of time understanding her patients, and then digs into the data to formulate a customized wellness routine that optimizes their health. Her vast knowledge of women’s health and her attention to patient needs is unmatched!” ~Kirsten H.

“Conventional medicine with my PCC was not addressing any of my perimenopausal signs and symptoms nor my fears for the next chapter of life. Dr. Ahn’s thorough, caring and professional knowledge has proven remarkable results for me! Thank you Dr. Ahn for making such an impactful change in my life!” ~thrilled patient

“I found Dr. Ahn when I was looking at available options for menopausal relief. First and foremost, she is kind, thoughtful and willing to spend the time to find the right solution for you. A huge bonus is that she is a gastroenterologist, especially when trying to find your best path to wellness. Bottom line — she is my favorite doctor and the one I go to first with any questions” ~anonymous patient

“I thought fatigue was just something that I would have to deal with, and I accepted it as “what happens when you get older” I’m 47 and had lost my libido and that was bothering me because I have a very loving husband. After seeing Dr. Ahn and starting the hormone replacement prescriptions and supplement my sleep improved tremendously and so did my energy level.  And let’s just say my husband has also noticed other changes and we are both much happier!” ~ no longer tired

“I can honestly say that seeing Dr. Ahn is one of the best things I have done for my health and my happiness.” ~anonymous patient

“I am not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t recommend any doctor more highly.” ~happy patient

“I waited and looked a long time to find a doctor like Dr Ahn. While I knew I wanted someone to help me navigate the pitfalls of menopause, I was thrilled to find a female physician who had a passionate interest and first hand understanding of this particular and taxing time in a woman’s life.  

Dr. Ahn is passionate, energetic and thoughtful about the management of my menopause and all of its related, not so fun, side-kicks.  She is available regularly and has been very responsive to all my questions.  I have also become more informed about how I can help manage the whole aging process.

I am thrilled to have found her and have been completely happy to share her with many friends who currently find themselves at the start of this chapter in their lives.  Wish I could have found her earlier.” ~Lynn D.

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