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Common Treatments for Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid disorder treatment in Boston

The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that control your metabolism. If you are diagnosed with thyroid disease, it means that your body has problems producing the right amount of thyroid hormones. An imbalance in thyroid hormones can manifest in a variety of medical symptoms — your weight, energy levels, muscle strength, digestive health, cognitive function, mood and tolerance to hot and cold temperatures can all be impacted by thyroid disease.

Individuals in and around Boston with thyroid disease seek out Dr. Lynne Ahn for personalized expert care. She stays at the forefront of advances in conventional and integrative treatment for thyroid disease, so she can offer her patients the best care possible.

Medical Therapy

Traditionally, medications have been used to treat thyroid disease by balancing out thyroid hormone production.

In cases of hypothyroidism, wherein the thyroid produces too little thyroid hormone, daily thyroid hormone replacement medications are recommended to supplement hormone levels. These medications may be synthetic (e.g., levothyroxine) or natural (e.g., NP Thyroid, Armour and Nature Thyroid).

In cases of hyperthyroidism, wherein the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone, anti-thyroid medications (e.g., methimazole, propylthioracil) are recommended to stop the thyroid from producing thyroid hormone. More permanent forms of hyperthyroidism treatment are sometimes recommended: One option is radioactive iodine therapy, in which the thyroid cells are damaged to prevent them from producing high levels of hormones. Another option is to surgically remove the thyroid gland and take thyroid hormone replacement to supplement. 

An Individualized, Whole-Body Approach

Dr. Ahn favors an integrative approach to thyroid disease treatment that considers patients from a holistic perspective. When you trust her with your care, she will look at your symptoms, lifestyle, diet and environment to find the root cause of your problems and identify any risk factors that may be contributing to how you feel.

Then, Dr. Ahn will suggest a well-rounded treatment plan that includes prescription medications, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, the use of supplements and other therapies. No two treatment plans are exactly alike, as every patient is unique.

Trusted Care for Thyroid Disease

Being diagnosed with thyroid disease can be stressful. The best thing you can do for your health is to carefully choose your physician based on his or her credentials and experience. Dr. Ahn has spent years helping patients manage thyroid disease and live their healthiest lives. To speak with her about your case, please contact Ahn Point Wellness by phone or email today.

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