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Who Should See an Integrative Gastroenterologist?

Integrative Gastroenterology Boston

As Wellesley, MA’s top integrative gastroenterologist, Dr. Lynne Ahn is contacted by many new patients who are not sure whether an integrative gastroenterologist is the kind of doctor they are looking for. The confusion is understandable — although integrative medicine programs are opening at top universities across the country, the idea of combining traditional medicine with holistic practices is still a newer approach than many patients are accustomed to.  

Board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Ahn shares the following information to help prospective patients better understand who can benefit from integrative gastroenterology.   

Someone Who Has Not Received Adequate Results from Traditional Medicine

Modern medicine can tackle many health problems, but some patients are not fully treated by conventional methods. When someone finds that their general physician’s suggestions come up short, they may need to find an integrative gastroenterologist who is willing to look at the problems in a new way.   

Integrative medicine is not a rejection of modern science, but rather a therapeutic addition to these techniques. Dr. Ahn blends traditional medicine with lifestyle and wellness tips to help her patients become healthier in mind and body. Many times, her patients are surprised at the kind of difference a therapeutic approach makes toward feeling better inside and out.

Someone Who Has Digestive Problems

Gastrointestinal problems can leave you feeling physically and mentally unwell. If you suffer from chronic or frequent IBS, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, bloating, ulcers, heartburn, parasites or abdominal pain, you need a doctor who specializes in these conditions and understands that no one solution works for all patients. Dr. Ahn can work with you until you find the relief you deserve.

Someone Who Takes or Wants to Take Supplements

Most people who take vitamins and supplements receive advice on what to take from anonymous Internet posters or employees at a health store. Rarely are either of these groups of people qualified medical professionals. As such, the recommendations they make are often wholly unnecessary at best (and therefore a waste of money) and possibly dangerous to your health at worst.

Dr. Ahn can work with patients to devise a specific wellness plan. She also commits herself to checking up on the patient so that, together, they can fine-tune that plan for optimum efficacy.

Someone Who Has Seen Too Many Doctors

If you have a slew of health problems, you may be sent to a variety of specialists who try to deal with each ailment individually. Many times, this approach fails to get to the root of the problems. Integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Lynne Ahn takes a holistic approach. For many of her patients, diet and lifestyle changes prove to be effective at addressing multiple health issues at once.  

Make an Appointment

Ultimately, the best way to find out whether you are an appropriate patient for an integrative gastroenterologist is to meet with one. Dr. Ahn is honest and compassionate; during a consultation, she can assess your maladies and discuss how she would treat the problems for improved gut and mental health. Please call (781) 237-1600 to make an appointment.

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